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Immune Support Duo - Altrient C and Neutrient D3 K2

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Neutrient D3K2 + Altrient Liposomal Vitamin C - Evidence-based, performance-driven supplements for winter-proofed wellness

Winter immune duo with D3 + liposomal C

Your concerns regarding your immune resilience across 2021 are completely understandable. Both vitamin D and C play important roles in supporting normal immune function.

These nutrients work in unique ways. From supporting your body’s first line of defence to being involved with balancing your body’s inflammatory response and helping protect your cells from oxidative stress generated during an active infection.

Starting your day with an oral spray of Neutrient D3+ K2 and a sachet of liposomal Altrient C is an easy way to top up of these winter health heroes.

Evidence-based, effective liposomal Altrient C for maximised absorption

Vitamin C is known to participate in many aspects of the immune system and liposomal vitamin C achieves much higher circulating concentrations of vitamin C than non-liposomal forms.

The ASA recently made an important ruling, making it illegal for brands to claim to be a ‘liposomal’ Vitamin C without having sufficient clinical evidence but unfortunately there are still brands misleading on the market.

With Altrient C you can be sure you are getting a true liposomal product which delivers.

Neutrient™ D3 + K2 vegan oral spray for superior absorption

Vitamin D is a key nutrient for the immune system, yet deficiency is widespread across European countries. Current recommendations are to supplement with a minimum daily dose of 10mcg (400 IU) vitamin D.

Clinical research shows that vitamin D3, is the most bioactive form and is more effective at raising blood levels than vitamin D2.