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Neutrient™ D3 + K2

Vitamin D & Vitamin K Oral Spray

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Introducing the new Neutrient Total D3+K2

Each bottle provides 150 sprays, almost 5 month supply!

New D3/K2 formula with added mint (available for EU delivery soon)

This unique vegan oral spray contains highly absorbable forms of the essential vitamins D3 and K2 which have their own unique benefits but together they make a strong team for supporting a healthy lifestyle.

Since vitamin D plays such a starring role in our immune defence, a deficiency of vitamin D is of particular concern considering the types of viruses and winter infections that this unusual year is highlighting.

  • Just one spray a day delivers 2000IU vitamin D3 with 75mcg vitamin K2.

  • Handy vegan oral spray providing bioactive forms for maximised absorption.

  • Provides vitamin D3, shown to be the most bioactive form of vitamin D1.

  • A fast and convenient way to increase your vitamin D and K intakes.

  • Vitamin D3 is more effective at raising blood levels of vitamin D than vitamin D2.

  • Vitamin D3 and vitamin K2 contribute to the maintenance of normal bones.

  • Vitamin K2 contributes to normal blood clotting an important process for wound healing.

  • Great alternative for those who find swallowing pills and capsules difficult.

  • Ideal for anyone with malabsorption conditions such as IBS or Crohn’s disease.

Vitamins D and K contribute to

  • the maintenance of normal bones*

Vitamin D contributes to

  • Normal immune function+
  • Teeth
  • Blood calcium levels
  • Muscle function•

Vitamin K supports

  • Normal blood clotting 

Did you know 20% of the population in Northern Europe suffer from a vitamin D deficiency and this climbs to 30-60% of the population in Western, Southern and Eastern Europe. For more information about Vitamin D and K visit our blog

    Q. What’s the best way to supplement with vitamins D and K? 

    A. As these vitamins are both fat-soluble the best forms of supplements are oral sprays. Apply the spray underneath the tongue or on the inside of the cheek to ensure the nutrients are readily absorbed through the soft tissue inside the mouth and delivered to the blood system. Always take away from food.

    Q. How much vitamin D is the UK government now recommending? 

    A. Public Health England recommend that everyone needs an average daily intake of 10mcg (400 IU) to support bone and muscle health. During autumn and winter when people must rely on dietary sources of vitamin D it may be difficult to meet the 10mcg a day and people should consider taking a daily supplement containing at least 10mcg vitamin D.

    Q. Is it safe to take 2000 IU of vitamin D? 

    A. Studies have shown that up to 10,000 IU a day is well-tolerated by healthy individuals and for intakes at this level or lower there is no known concerns.

    Q. Are there reasons not to take vitamin D supplements? 

    A. If you suffer from high calcium levels or have a history of kidney stones or kidney disease, then you need to consult your doctor before supplementing with vitamin D.

    Q. Can I take vitamin K I am taking anticoagulant medications? 

    A. If you are taking anticoagulant medication or treatments, you should not take vitamin K without talking to your doctor first.

    Q. How many sprays are in one bottle of Neutrient D + K and how long will it last? 

    A. The recommended dose is one spray a day and there are 150 sprays in a bottle. For a couple this means it will last approximately 2.5 months and for a family of four adults just over a month.

    Q. What is the source of vitmain D3 in Neutrient D3+K2?

    A. Neutrient D3 + K2 contains a natural plant source of vitamin D3 extracted from a unique oily extract from lichens, which is naturally rich in cholecalciferol also known as vitamin D3. Lichens are small unique plants that share similar characteristics to fungus and algae and have adapted to thrive in extreme climates by developing the ability to grow and accumulate meaningful levels of useful nutrients including vitamin D3 (cholecalciferol).

    There are hundreds of different species of lichen but the vitamin D3 found in Neutrient D3 + K2 is extracted from a carefully selected lichen strain following extensive research and development into natural plant sources of vitamin D3. This specific strain of lichens grows incredibly slowly so sustainability is important. Our vitamin D3 is extracted from lichen produced on sustainable growing sites, under organic conditions without the use of pesticides, to provide a pure, quality and highly absorbable source of vitamin D3.

    • Take only between meals away from food.
    • Shake before spraying into mouth onto insides of cheeks.
    • Adults 1 spray daily.
    • Do not exceed recommended dose.

    INGREDIENTS: MCT oil, menaquinone-7 (vitamin K), natural flavouring (mint), cholecalciferol (vitamin D3), antioxidant (D-alpha tocopherol).

    Each bottle provides 150 sprays.

    1 x spray typically provides:NRV%*
    Vitamin D350μg1000
    Vitamin K275μg100

    *Nutrient Reference Value.

    **Available in Mint flavour in the EU soon

    CAUTION: If you are taking anti coagulants (blood thinners) do not take this product. If pregnant, breastfeeding, taking medication or have a medical condition, consult a doctor before use. Food supplements are not a substitute for a varied diet and healthy lifestyle.

    STORE: In a cool dry place away from direct sunlight. Use within 6 months of opening. Keep out of sight

    Does not contain: Alcohol, GMO, Sugar, Gluten, Soy, Palm oil, Vegan Friendly